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The Wildlife Control Company, Inc. - Animal Control in Dublin, OH

For twenty years we have provided reliable wildlife control services in the Columbus Metro Area.

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For over 20 years we have been providing the Columbus, OH area and all of Franklin and Delaware Counties with superior and professional nuisance animal removal services at  affordable rates. Satisfaction and humane practices are always 100% guaranteed!

 •  Squirrels / Chipmunks

 •  Snakes / Geese

 •  Bats / Opossums

 •  Groundhogs / Foxes

 •  Coyotes / alligators

 •  Pigeons / Muskrats

 •  Skunks / Raccoons

Common nuisance animals

Avoid making contact with a nuisance animal – It is vital to your well-being. Things like rabies, distemper, and Histoplasmosis are transmissible and can inevitably become fatal.


If you would like to know more about these communicable diseases please read and review our FAQs page. Contact us as soon as possible if you’re in need of assistance!

Avoid contact - if you can help it

You can count on us to use environmentally effective traps and methods of baiting. Pet food is never used to avoid the risk of capturing a pet.

From chipmunks to alligators - you're in good hands

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Don't let a nuisance animal ruin your day! Call us! 

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