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Call in Reynoldsburg Animal Control Experts for HThere is never a convenient time to deal with a racoon, squirrel, opossum, or other nuisance animal problem.  Even the smallest of critters can cause major damage to your home and property. For those searching for available animal control services nearby, The Wildlife Control Company, Inc. is ready to serve.  Since 1993, we have been serving Reynoldsburg, OH, and communities all around central Ohio and can help you as well.  During the more than two decades we have been trapping and relocating nuisance animals, we have found that many homeowners ask why they cannot just trap the animals themselves. This is a fair question, and there are several reasons why this is not a good idea.

Safe and Humane Trapping and Relocating

We make use of the most humane and environmentally effective methods when it comes to animal control, trapping, and relocating. Using only the best in time tested methods and equipment, advanced strategies, and proven techniques, we are able to offer the finest services to our customers in Dublin, OH, and nearby areas. Once we trap an animal we relocate and release it whenever possible. State, federal, and local laws influence what we can and cannot do with the animals we trap. Whenever possible we will relocate the animal to another area, but high-risk animals are required to be euthanized so they do not pose a threat to humans. We utilize only the very finest in humane euthanizing methods which have been allowed by the American Veterinary Association as well as the the National Wildlife Control Operators Association Euthanasia Guidelines.


  • Bat removal

  • Opossum removal

  • Raccoon removal

  • Squirrel removal

  • Honey Bee swarm removal

  • Skunk removal

  • Geese removal

  • Removal for Many Other Pests

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