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For twenty years we have provided reliable wildlife control services in the Columbus Metro Area.

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Are you in need of having a nuisance animal removed from your property? We have the superior equipment and knowledge you need!

From the occasional escaped alligator to snakes, raccoons, chipmunks, and much more – you can trust that we’ve captured them all!

Our environmentally effective capturing techniques make capturing an animal a cinch. We are highly knowledgeable and licensed trappers.

Since 1993 we have been providing Franklin and Delaware Counties with trusted nuisance animal removal services at an affordable rate.

Nuisance animal

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Nationally Certified Wildlife Control Professionals

We are Ohio's very FIRST Nationally Certified Wildlife Control Professionals!

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At The Wildlife Control Company Inc, we are dedicated to ridding your home of pests that could harm not only your property but your family as well. Whether it’s skunk removal, bat removal, or even geese removal in Dublin, OH, you can depend on us to get the job done right. We are one of Ohio’s top animal control companies and are nationally certified wildlife control professionals or CWCP for short. Preventing damage to the home and property you love is what we do. We have trained college graduates, military veterans, and other experienced staff members that have proudly served clients in the area since 1993.

Get Rid of the Critters in Your Home with Us!

We Have the Right Approach to Animal Control!

Our team knows how important it is to homeowners to hire a Wildlife control company in Reynoldsburg and Westerville, OH that has the right approach to getting rid of nuisance animals. We are environmentally friendly and have experienced, licensed trappers to get rid of nuisance animals the safe and effective way. There are many different reasons that wildlife is coming into the yards and homes of the residents of Columbus, OH. It could be due to everything from urbanization to a decrease in the activity of hunting and trapping in the area. Let us help to remove these animals from your property in a safe way that protects your family, the environment, and the animal as well.

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  • Affordable prices

  • Raccoon removal

  • Opossum removal

  • Honey bee swarm removal

  • Squirrel removal

  • In business since 1993

  • Humane techniques

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Groundhog removal

  • Muskrat removal

  • Beaver removal

  • Fox removal

  • Friendly service you can trust

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