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A tense woman
A gaggle of geese

Despite a long history of migratory behavior, Canada Geese are becoming less and less mobile. They have become increasingly satisfied staying put in the vast empty fields that are readily abundant in Ohio and the surrounding areas -- perhaps in your own back yard! Trust us to control this problem for you.

 •  Canine discouragement

 •  Pyrotechnics

 •  Night work

 •  Hazing

 •  Static visual scare devices

 •  Audio scare deterrents

 •  Chemical aversion agents

 •  Grid patterns/fencing

 •  Habitat modification

Our arsenal:

Canada Geese can exceed three feet in height, and weigh up to 24 lbs. They have long black necks with white patches on their cheeks and a brown / gray body, feet, and bill.


They no longer migrate north to south during winter. They stay wherever water is available. If that sounds like your property, you may need us.

What to look for

Despite the natural beauty of the Canada Goose, these creatures can be highly aggressive. The height of their aggression is reached during mating season, when the males are particularly ornery.

Not so majestic as aggressive

Don't let geese take over your yard

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