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 •  Canine discouragement

 •  Pyrotechnics

 •  Night work

 •  Hazing

 •  Static visual scare devices

 •  Audio scare deterrents

 •  Chemical aversion agents

 •  Grid patterns/fencing

 •  Habitat modification

Our Proven Methods for Canadian Geese Control

We have more than 20 years of experience in the Ohio area and have helped hundreds of homeowners like you deal with their nuisance animal problems. Contact us right away and let us help you deal with whatever animal is threatening your home or property. We can provide the quality animal control that you need to protect your property.

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Naturally, Canadian Geese are known for their instinctually migratory behavior. Canada Geese are changing their habits and behaviors as they become more used to the presence of humans and as more and more of their habitat is lost. They have become more and more prone to staying in one place, preferring open fields and grassy areas located close to large water sources. Many homeowners across Ohio are experiencing an increase in the presence of these geese and are finding themselves dealing with these invasive and annoying fowls.

More Aggressive Than Majestic: Getting the Right Canada Geese Removal Services

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Here at The Wildlife Control Company, Inc., we service much of the central Ohio area, including Columbus OH, Westerville OH, Dublin OH, Reynoldsburg and many of the neighboring communities as well. Our effective goose deterrents include:

We offer other options and goose removal services that can also prove to be effective depending on your property and the severity of the problem you are facing.