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A raccoon trying to grab somathing

Raccoons are only increasing in population, particularly in cities, where food is always easy to come by. Once they find a solid food source, they like to nuzzle into their den, which could very well be your shed or garage!

 •  Rabies

 •  Canine distemper

 •  Feline distemper

 •  Leptospirosis

 •  Para influenza

 •  Parvovirus

 •  Diphtheria


Illnesses raccoons carry:

Raccoons typically weigh between 10 and 30 lbs, and don't exceed three feet in length. Their litters are typically born between April and May, resulting in a yearly boost to the population -- increasingly more so in urban environments.


Trapping is the preferred method of removal. Contact us today so we can solve your raccoon problem.

Know the beast

Beyond the structural damage that raccoons create in your home, they are also carriers for various dangerous illnesses.

Structural and health risks

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