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Squirrels seek a vulnerable area to enter a structure, such as your roof or garage, and often enter the attic. After the young are weaned they begin gnawing on trusses and wall studs to wear down their continually growing teeth. For some unknown reason they also like to strip wiring of its insulation.

Squirrels like to find places such as your attic or garage to live in. Abundant food and shelter commonly enable urban squirrel populations to exceed their rural counterparts. Urban and suburban landscapes provide nuts, buds, fruits, and vegetables from gardens. Compost piles, bird feeders, squirrels feeders, pet bowls, and trash containers provide an easy, replenishable food source. Once a squirrel finds such a food source it will seek a nesting site nearby. Your home or structure often becomes this site.

 •  Increased noise levels

 •  Damage to trusses and wall studs

 •  Damage to electrical wiring

 •  Structural weakness

 •  Disease transmittance

 •  Odors

 •  Stains

 •  Mold problems

 •  Fungal problems


Common squirrel problems

The most important things to know about squirrels in and around your home are the safety and disease risks you face. Squirrels carry mites, fleas, ticks, lice and a host of worms. They are also known to carry scabies and mange.


Squirrels can also cover parts of your home with their droppings and urine which create a multitude of problems.

Squirrels compromise your health

Squirrels can jeopardize your home's structural integrity

Squirrels put your home at risk

Don't let squirrels jeopardize your health or your home. Call us! 

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